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Forthcoming New comic novella From Tickfaw to Shongaloo, sole Runner-up in the 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition, judged by Moira Crone – release date June 1, 2015 from Southeast Missouri State University Press.


“This novella is what would happen if Eudora Welty's “Why I Live at the PO” grew up and had nine children, and stuffed them all in one village. It has many of the same elementsenough eccentrics to start five freak shows, a very nosy postmaster, a town that rallies to defend their crazies, and to top it off, three days of testimony in a Baton Rouge courthouse meant to keep everybody in one small town in everyone else's business until the end of time. Good, funny writing, and quirky characters.”  Moira Crone, The Ice Garden and The Not Yet


“Dixon Hearne has taken up the estimable mantle of Southern comic writers that stretches back to George Washington Harris and Mark Twain. This uproarious tale stars pretty much every last citizen of the benighted town of Stokley, Louisiana, the kind of place where folks lie so as not to be caught up in past lies. Digressions are the sunshine of this hilarious novella, and you’ll be reminded of Eudora Welty and Laurence Sterne. I haven’t laughed so hard since A Confederacy of Dunces. You’re going to thank me for telling you about From Tickfaw to Shongaloo. Sit in your easy chair, pour yourself some sweet tea. Miss Raylene has a story to tell you about the time Bert Dilly ran into some problems over at the PO.”  John Dufresne, Louisiana Power & Light and No Regrets, Coyote





Dixon Hearne teaches and writes in the American South. Much of his writing draws greatly from the rich images in his daily life growing up along the graceful river traces and bayous in West Monroe, Louisiana. After many years of university teaching and writing for research journals, his interests turned toward fiction and poetry—and the challenge of writing in a different voice.

He is the author of several recent books, including Native Voices, Native Lands and Plantatia: High-toned and Lowdown Stories of the South—nominee for the Hemingway Foundation/PEN award and winner of the Creative Spirit Award-Platinum for best general fiction book. His work has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has received numerous other honors. He is editor of several recent anthologies, including A Quilt of Holidays. His work can be found widely in magazines, journals, and anthologies, including  Oxford American, New Orleans Review, Louisiana Literature, Big Muddy, Cream City Review, Wisconsin Review, Post Road, New Plains Review, Weber-Contemporary West, Mature Living, Woodstock Revisited, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Louisiana, and elsewhere.

He has a new novella forthcoming from Southeast Missouri State University Press and is currently at work on new short story and poetry collections—as well as a series of interviews with American writers. He is a frequent presenter and an invited speaker at the Louisiana Book Festival and other events.


Contact Dixon Hearne at jdixonhearne@gmail.com



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